Silenced Screams: Surviving Anesthetic Awareness During Surgery, A True-life Account:
New Book Tells Harrowing Account of Anesthetic Awareness by author, Jeanette M. Liska Ph.D. In 1990 Jeanette Liska lived through every surgical patient's nightmare: As she lay paralyzed from the anesthetics she'd received, Liska found herself awake on the operating table with no way to communicate her horrifying situation to the doctors and nurses performing surgery on her. What was worse, the pain medications she had received from her anesthesiologist were no longer working.

"Drowning in an ocean of searing agony, I sensed the skein of my entire life unraveling,thread by thread. But I was the only one who heard my own tortured screams--silent screams that reverberated again and again off the cold walls of my skull..."

writes Liska in her new book titled Silenced Screams,Surviving Anesthetic Awareness During Surgery:A True-life Account. Silenced Screams is her personal account of how she survived the experience;how she put the pieces of her life back together;and how she made it her life's work to assist other victims of anesthetic awareness.

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Preparation and Recovery from Surgery - CD

Studies have shown that with preparation for surgery there is little blood loss and pain management is improved. Recovery time is 50 percent quicker. Patients return home sooner with a positive experience.

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